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Stream 149: BSG Six Year Anniversary Stream (5 games)

This is the long awaited BSG 6 year anniversary stream! We try to play PGA first, but realize the network code breaks on Smoke’s end for some reason when there are four players. After that patreons join for some Alter Aeon. Then We do some CP with Shane Lowe and he brings all the animal energy. Then things truly get crazy with a KOTH of chaos on Mortal Kombat 11. The stream is concluded with what should be a relaxing couple days on Stardew Valley, but it is a stressful 15 levels of the mines as Smoke and Hannibal try to complete them. Thanks to all guests you can check them out on twitter @MrTBlaze, @BasuraBasher @ShaneLowe1 @BlindSito, and patreons @SarahJoyceMusic @NibarSito @Gruntok.

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